Sunday, May 30, 2010

Wra's BigDay...!!!

happy birthday bor..!! may many happy things happens this year...!!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Supreme Sunday..!!

yesterday was all about good friends, good food, and of course great rides...!! i started the day by riding with my club's El-Presidente to this so-called biker gathering at the newly-refurbished-upscaled Hotel Indonesia Kempinski... but to us, the most important thing is the food..!! they served this amazing chicken meatloaf with sunny side up and caramelized onions with black pepper. along with fried chicken burger and curry sausages... as you could see on the picture above, my El-Presidente Komeng, Adit, Vero, Rudi, Mr. Ismud, and Kemal is on full charge..!!
it's kinda a big marketing event, so the guys form Mabua H-D dealership is there too... that's my old General Manager Vino on my left, and my old time buddy Yoyo on the far left... Jacky later shows up, and as always, good laughter came after...
on our way out of the place, we met-up with Jawir on his Shovelhead and his brother Anto on his Yamaha XS650 on the parking lot... and ask them to tag along for the ride... where to..??
to Rocket Motorcycle for some cooling off... with jugs of cool iced tea... yeah..!!
Jacky found this old bike irresistible not to take picture with... so this one is for you bor..!!
then we're off to our main event for the today... the guys from Kickass Choppers and Rocket Motorcycle with Podomoro City present this Chopper Festival & Gearhead Gathering... what's in it..?? obviously cool motorcycles with burgers, hotdogs, and beers...!!
parking lot fiesta... and Marni sure look skinny beside those baggers...
the other side of the parking lot... others soon to arrived...
those cool sickles... drooling for them...
the boys n girls watching some hot rod DVDs, fueled with burgers and hotdogs by Ade Putri... those double burgers and sliced mushroom are superb..!! thank's a lot Ade...
battle of the XS..!! Sammy catch up with us not long after, and parked his bike right next to Kemal's... neat picture huh..?? i guess yesterday was Kemal's last ride with his yellow chop, since today she goes to her new owner... and Kemal is scheduled to get an Evo Dyna tonight.. *let me know when she arrived bor, i'll swing by your place to check her out..*

sometimes a ride really reflects about the rider right..?? =)

well, yesterday has passed, and it put a big grin on my face... on our face..!! have a pleasasnt week ahead bor, hope this one could be a blast too...

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sunday, May 16, 2010

family dinner @ Meat Me

one of the best thing in life... enjoying good food with the Greasers Temple familia..

stole the pict from Dex's post...

Thursday, May 6, 2010

new shiiiittts!!

it's finally here batch of tees are ready in stock now!!

bend over and twist the throttle

This one goes to would please his eyes for sure!!...stole the pic off CoC