Monday, September 21, 2009

Seringai Artwork&Photo Exhibition

Sammy (Howling Wolf owner&Seringai Bassman) next to his stripped down R25 beemer..He planned to swap it with a XS650....hope to see u cruisin around on the XS sometime soon dude...

Sammy bad ass stripped down R25...daamn, I miss my R27....
Arian13...the artist/shop owner/Seringai's Howler..all around nice guy and super talented artist
I went to Seringai Artwork&Photo Exhibition, its an Exhibition held at Howling Wolf(Arian13&Sammy of Seringai lil merchandise shop). The show consist of Arian13 Seringai related artwork and photos by Soleh Solihun. The art work above is definetely my personal favorite..Seringai artwork by Arian13...and below are some more of the artworx and photos at the event...

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