Saturday, November 21, 2009

my teh tarik experience...

it was raining this morning in Tarakan, East Borneo, and its a good time to eat chicken poridge and some hot teh tarik for breakfast.. so i went to this local coffe shop and ordered it.. i've got a glimpse view of what the cook's recipes for the teh tarik.. and it was this instant one that i know i could get in a supermarket.. so i stop by at a supermarket on my way to work today..

fast forward to after lunch hour, i thought it'll make a good companion if i opened a pack and make a warm cup of the drink for my behind-the-desk-paperwork-review-thing, so i did... but it turns out to taste different... and a capital Y kinda strapped in my forehead..!! i recalled and re-recalled in my mind, is there any secret ingredients that the cook use..?? no.. is he using a flavoured hot water..?? no.. did i applied any different methods..?? YES... i used a spoon instead of 2 gigantic mug to stirr the drink...!! and after i found-out my screw-ups, another question popped: "if i have the 2 gigantic mug, will i be able to make the teh tarikk taste as good...???"

the whole thing kinda lead me thinkin' about my friends, and other talented man and women i've known in life... some of them puts their effort, hard work, and passion in to what they are doing... they became the best in their fields of work.. and arts..!! while some others, try to hustle their way in to the scene just to make a buck and earn some profits.. buy their way in with the state-of-the-art tools and CLAIMED that they could do as good but as cheap as half the other guy... don't get me wrong here folks, earning good money is a good thing, but do it with honor... you can't just buy a box of complete-set-of-tools and then claimed that you can wrench and fix things can't you..??

some guys struggle hard, earn their dough with bleeding knuckles trying to works thing out, paying their dues, and lost a lot for the sake of the experience... while others just buys their way in with their money without any respect what so ever...

my friend once said: "ada bedanya orang yang BISA mengerjakan, dan orang yang BIASA mengerjakan..." which translate to: "there's a difference between the man who can do a job, and the man who regullary does the job..."

so, i post this one for all of you out there... i raised my cup of teh tarik to salute and honor your passion and dedication to your work and art... cheers..!!

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