Monday, October 7, 2013

The Official Distinguished Gentleman's Ride Jakarta

Here's some pics from Jakarta's Distinguished Gentleman's Ride. I know it's a bit late, since we,ve been busy preparing for one of the biggest Kustom Kulture event in Indonesia, Jogja Kustom Fest 2013 last weekend. Okay, back to DGR, it was the first event in Jakarta. There were 2 cities that hosting the event this year Bali and Jakarta. As for the Jakarta's event it was hosted by the boys of Sekepal Aspal Indonesia and judging from the amount of the participants showed up, I can say that it was a great turn out.

Apart from the huge turn out, it was also happened to be a sad day for Saint&sinnerS MotorClothes. Rizky's monster FXR was set on fire just before the ride. Not really sure how it happened, it can be caused by many things...leak from the gas tank, electricity malfunction or many other things.

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